Tuesday, September 13, 2011

UEFA Champions League Season 2011/2012 Matchday I Match Review: Barcelona vs AC Milan

In the UEFA Champions League Season 2011/2102 matchday I, Barcelona have lost three points as a result of a draw against AC Milan, whi is created a goal in the last minute. Against Milan at the Nou Camp in UEFA Champions League season 2011/2012 matchday I, Barcelona had quickly left behind Alexandre Pato scored when the game runs only 24 seconds.

Barcelona then able to rise thereafter and the Milan defense shut-out. Their efforts fruitful results when Pedro Rodriguez scored the equalizing position in 36 minutes.

UEFA Champions League Season 2011/2012 Matchday I Match Preview: Benfica vs Manchester United

The runner up of UEFA Champions League runner-up season 2010/2011 , Manchester United, will travel to Benfica in the UEFA Champions League season 2011/2012 matchday I, in the middle of the week.

In the match in the UEFA Champions League 2011/2012 Matchday I, Manchester United will look a little different. In this game, Manchester United will rely on senior players.

Before the game in UEFA Champions League season 2011/2102, 'Red Devils' appears in the English Premier League kicked off with rows of young players. However, competition among Europe's elite club rated as different terrains.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Uefa Champions League 2011/2012 Matchday I Match Preview: City vs Napoli

Napoli will start the action in the UEFA Champions League  season 2011/2012 with a tough test when they visited Manchester City. City is great, but Naples was no less formidable.

Manchester City’s appear so aggressive in  the transfer market lately, including in the summer. The direct impact, The Citizens already showing remarkable in the English Premier League so far.

Now the City prepares to undergo to the UEFA Champions League season 2011/2012, with the first game acted at home with guests  of Italy, Napoli. Judging by the performance of the host, Napoli obviously must be vigilant, though not to be inferior because they do not lose the class.

Barcelona vs Milan: Uefa Champions League 2011/2012 Matchday I Match Preview

Milan will travel to Camp Nou to facing the defending champion Barcelona on UEFA Champions League 2011/2012 Matchday I in Group H .Obviously this is not an easy game for Milan because Barcelona is currently touted as the team with the best games. Especially at home, it definitely very hard to beat Barca.

With a squad that was virtually unchanged from last season and the arrival of Francesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez, Los Cules predicted to be the strongest candidate in UEFA Champions League 2011/2102.  But some of Milan's players in this game brings optimism.

According to Gattuso, Milan was able to beat Barcelon at the Nou Camp, also in the same competition, UEFA Champions League. "I still remember when Milan beat Barcelona 2-0 at Camp Nou in 2000," he said.

Uefa Champions League 2011/2012 Matchday I Match Preview

UEFA Champions League 2011/2012, a club competition which is touted as the best in the world, was about to begin the first match, also called matchday I. Throughout the middle of this week's, 32 clubs will begin the struggle towards Munich to win the status as the 'King of Europe'. As a defending champions of UEFA Champions League in 2010/2011, Barcelona still on top seeded. Betting odds in Europe then put Real Madrid and Manchester United as a club that is considered to be a champion behind the defending champion. 

UEFA Champions League edition-20 also raises some new entrants. Manchester City and Napoli is the most calculated and would arising some difficulties for the candidates champion. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bundesliga Match Reviews, September 10-11, 2011

German Bundesliga  Season 2011/2012 continuing the campaign in their 5th matchday. 

Wolfsburg managed to fix the position after a 2-1 win over Schalke. In the match,Schalke had the lead first before finally losing. In German Bundesliga Season 2011/2012 against Schalke at the Volkswagen Arena,Wolfsburg left earlier after the first goal by Raul Gonzales in 12 minute. Wolfsburg goal of equalizing created in the 33rd minute through Mario Mandzukic. Score 1-1 lasted until halftime. Eight minutes before the end of the game, the host eventually ensured their victory by Mandzukic through his second goal in the match. 

These results make Wolfsburg climbed to 13th position in German Bundesliga standings with six points from five matches results. Meanwhile, Schalke failed to follow Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich at the top of the standings and had to settle for sixth position with a flinch at nine points. 

Italian Serie A Match Reviews, September 10-11, 2011

Italian Serie A starting their campaign last weekend. Eight match resulting different one another. Some big team achieving minor result, including duo Milan team, AC Milan and Inter Milan. While Juventus had a good start, showing their competitor that their transfer result are working well so far. Another minor result came from AS Roma, bringing Luis Enrique to give a ‘tiki-taka’ touch to AS Roma, they starting their campaign with a defeat.

Starting from Renzo Barbera stadium, seven goal drama happen in Italian Serie A first match when Palermo facing las year runner up Inter Milan. The end result is Rosanero cope with a thin score 4-3. The game between the two teams is exciting and interesting since the first half. Diego Milito’s goal in minute 33rd took Inter ahead 1-0. In the second half Fabrizio Miccoli scored the equalizing position before Milito took the visitors ahead from penalty spot. Miccoli’s second goal and a goal from Mauricio Pinilla bring back Palermo ahead 4-2 before scaled by Diego Forlan scored in his Italian Serie A debut. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spain La Liga Match Reviews, September 10-11, 2011

Spain La Liga matchday #2 has completed some of its game. As predicted, the competition so far belong to the two teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona, according to previous match result, Real Madrid who slaughtering Real Zaragoza 6-0 with Cristiano Ronaldo scored hattrick, and Barcelona defeating Villareal 5-0. Although Valencia also booking a dramatical win against Racing Santander, 4-3, with one another scoring alternately.
Real Madrid continuing their winning campaign in Spain La Liga season 2011/2012. Playing home in Santiago Bernabeu, Facing another team of Madrid, Getafe, Jose Mourinho's boys giving Santiago Bernabeu public satisfaction with the score 4-2. Karim Benzema twice listed his name on the scoreboard, while Cristiano Ronaldo and substitute Gonzalo Higuain added one each. Two goals replies Getafe made Nicolas Ladislao Fedor "Miku".

English Premier League, September 10, 2011, Match Reviews

English Premier League has completed seven of its game in matchday #3. Manchester duo, City and United win in a big margin, Chelsea experiencing difficulties when they are away to Sunderland, while Liverpool unexpectedly defeated by Stoke City.

In Etihad stadium, Manchester City continuing their perfect in his first four matches in the English Premier League this season. Although his goal was relatively high in productivity, but their ability is still considered to be increasing. In this match Mancini for the first time to play Carlos Tevez as a starter, replacingtop scorer Edin Dzeko, to duet with Aguero. In this game, Aguero score hattrick and chosen as a man of the match, while Tevez’s penalty is dismissed by Ali Al Habsi, Wigan’s goal keeper. David Silva, Yaya Toure, and Samir Nasri playing a great game, but Dzeko, Barry, Kolo Toure, who had just finished his suspension from English Premier League authority after fail in dopping test, are staying in the bench.

Friday, September 9, 2011

English Premier League Match Preview #3, September 10-11, 2011

There are another interesting match in English Premier League, battling for the big four which is now contested by 6 team.
Sunderland vs Chelsea
Chelsea are still unconvincing so far, but we shouldn’t get them out of battle for winning the league at the end of competition. Draw with Stoke City 0-0 in the first English Premier League match, the Blues have to struggled to conquer the West Bromwich Albion 2-1 , and promotions team Norwich City with a score of 3-1. Chelsea then, now standing in fourth position.
their Portuguese manager was promised if Chelsea will immediately improvetheir performance to pursue both his rival in the standings as he praised theManchester United and City.

English Premier League Match Preview #2, September 10-11, 2011

The next match preview is Manchester City game.
Syeikh Mansour’s club, Manchester City. Standing in second position behind their rivals, Manchester City showing us of how money transforming them into a serious title competitor.
Coming to the English Premier League game against Wigan, their new player, Samir Nasri back from dutywith the French team in Euro 2012 qualifying with an injury to his pinkie finger.
But since the position Nasri was not a keeper, then Mancini was confirmed if the 24-year player is ready to play when Manchester City face Wigan at Etihad Stadium.

English Premier League Match Preview #1, September 10-11, 2011

After international match last weekend, English premier league is playing again this week. With duo Manchester are leading the standing, traditional competitor such as Chelsea and Liverpoll chasing behind, this is the match preview for this week’s matchday for English premier league.

Let’s get started with Manchester United. Last year English Premier Legue champion is away to reebok stadium to facing Bolton Wanderers. Wellbeck, Ferdinand, and Vidic seems still not ready for the game. Therefore, Chicharito is about to be the starting eleven, as a goal getter, with Rooney behind him.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

English Premier Transfer: Summer Result

Summer transfer window for English premiere league club has been closed. With some surprising movement, and some other a bit dubious decision. This is the recap of some biggest transfer, not only from the money involved, but mainly from their expected influence and contribution for their new club.