Friday, September 9, 2011

English Premier League Match Preview #2, September 10-11, 2011

The next match preview is Manchester City game.
Syeikh Mansour’s club, Manchester City. Standing in second position behind their rivals, Manchester City showing us of how money transforming them into a serious title competitor.
Coming to the English Premier League game against Wigan, their new player, Samir Nasri back from dutywith the French team in Euro 2012 qualifying with an injury to his pinkie finger.
But since the position Nasri was not a keeper, then Mancini was confirmed if the 24-year player is ready to play when Manchester City face Wigan at Etihad Stadium.

But Gareth Barry seems not to join the team in this match since his condition, while Micah (Richard) and Nigel (de Jong) are confirmed to take part. And don’t forget Kolo Toure who has comeback from his suspension due to his failure in dopping test. Moreover, City’s recent performance are quite convincing, not only the good result with big winning margin, but their possession ball are the best so far in English Premier League. Regardless Wigan’s condition, with Silva, Aguero, and on fire’s Dzeko, the Citizen is still seems to strong for the away team in this English Premier League Match.