Monday, September 12, 2011

Barcelona vs Milan: Uefa Champions League 2011/2012 Matchday I Match Preview

Milan will travel to Camp Nou to facing the defending champion Barcelona on UEFA Champions League 2011/2012 Matchday I in Group H .Obviously this is not an easy game for Milan because Barcelona is currently touted as the team with the best games. Especially at home, it definitely very hard to beat Barca.

With a squad that was virtually unchanged from last season and the arrival of Francesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez, Los Cules predicted to be the strongest candidate in UEFA Champions League 2011/2102.  But some of Milan's players in this game brings optimism.

According to Gattuso, Milan was able to beat Barcelon at the Nou Camp, also in the same competition, UEFA Champions League. "I still remember when Milan beat Barcelona 2-0 at Camp Nou in 2000," he said.

Gattuso knew that Barcelona 11 years ago is very different from that now. Barcelona currently much stronger . However, he said, there's no reason Milan could not win, although it will not be easily achieved as well.

Robinho is also confident his side can beat the defending champion of UEFA Champions League. "That will be a tough game, against the best team in the world," said Robinho.

Meanwhile, according to Kevin Prince Boateng, he had a "recipe" if AC Milan want to beat Barcelona this midweek in UEFA Champions League. Boateng asked colleagues at the Rossoneri have to mark duo Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta hardly. "If we do not allow time for Xaviand Andres Iniesta think it will make them increasingly difficult to score a goal.They are the brains for Barcelona's game. Without the brain, the team will not be able to play," he said.

We'll see if they boasted will br proven, or is it Barcelona who will affirming their domination in UEFA Champions League 2011/2012?