Friday, September 9, 2011

English Premier League Match Preview #1, September 10-11, 2011

After international match last weekend, English premier league is playing again this week. With duo Manchester are leading the standing, traditional competitor such as Chelsea and Liverpoll chasing behind, this is the match preview for this week’s matchday for English premier league.

Let’s get started with Manchester United. Last year English Premier Legue champion is away to reebok stadium to facing Bolton Wanderers. Wellbeck, Ferdinand, and Vidic seems still not ready for the game. Therefore, Chicharito is about to be the starting eleven, as a goal getter, with Rooney behind him.

In midfield area, Cleverley and Anderson is seems to be more mature and ready for being an integral part of the team’s midfield, along with Nani and Ashley Young in wing. The defender, Jones, Smalling and Evans is become more and more ready to replacing their injured senior. This is Manchester United’s best team so far.

But Bolton manager has stated “Facing Manchester United, English Premier League Champion, it is always difficult to find their weaknesses. But my focus is to convince my team that they are the best.” Coyle asked his players to achieve the best performance at the Reebok Stadium this weekend, and claimed Bolton had the potential to beat United.

He also claimed that he has already knew how to stop on fire’s Rooney, who has scoring five goal in three English Premier League match so far at this game.

Well then, it is clear that Manchester United has a better squad, but to play in reebok stadium, this game will be tough and uneasy for the defending champion. But, in this English Premier League match preview point of view they are still in better position to win the game, compared to the home side.