Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2010

Before watching who won the Spanish Super Cup 2010, let us look briefly into the feud between the two candidates, who are also sworn enemies, in last season.

If we remember, four editions of El Clasico previous seasons can be said, equal. Barcelona with two victories, while Real Madrid get a victory.While one other match ended in a draw. In terms of the number of trophies,Barcelona should be patted his chest, the European Champions League trophy and the La Liga successfully embraced Pep Guardiola's side. While Real Madrid get a Copa Del Rey or King trophy.

However, fundamental differences of the game from last season's edition of El Clasico is lies on the Real Madrid performance. Let's see. In the first match, Jose Mourinho was still puffed up with his squad's enchanting performance throughout the season, up to the match. This gives a good self-confidence for the team Real Madrid. With an offensive style of play, with aggressiveness and creativity supported by the midfield, Real Madrid challenge the defending champion of La Liga at the Santiago Bernabeu with the game open. As the result? As we know, Real Madrid humiliated by Barcelona. The score 0-5 was a valuable lesson for Real Madrid, and Real Madrid will be well aware with whom they are dealing.

Unfortunately, that lesson was apparently kept in mind by Jose Morinho. An aggressive attacking game, creative and nice to watch Real Madrid were shown before, immediately lost they dealing with Barcelona. Real Madrid, under the direction of "The Special One", learning from bitter experience at the first meeting, was transformed into the likeness Inter Milan in the Champions League semi-final edition of the 2009-2010 season, playing acute pattern of defense. The result? As we know one win and one draw, with one championship trophy into the results seem still quite acceptable.

With a number of new talent brought in, with new passion and ambition, Real Madrid now seem more prepared to challenge its main competitor is.Beginning with the 2011 Spanish Super Cup title this weekend.

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