Friday, August 19, 2011

tevez's transfer gossips and rumours

Carlos Tevez is become one hot commodity that much talked about in the transfer market this summer. Tevez reportedly began to not feel at home in Manchester, the city where he lives today. It is more personal than technical issues in the field.

Some of the clubs reportedly interested in using the services of Tevez. Tevez's transfer rumours that  several bidders is interested to him. And Corinthians seems the be the most serious to hook Tevez.

As proof of its seriousness, Corinthians had raised its offer to £ 40 million to bring Carlos Tevez to play in Brazil. This is the last price offered Corinthians.

Reportedly, the price has been agreed by both parties. Later came news that the deal is doomed to fail because the Corinthians have trouble paying the down payment of the agreed price.

This of course makes the Tevez's transfer gossips  still a contentious issue to be discussed.

From Spain reported the new rich club, Malaga are also interested in signing Tevez. Malaga reportedly ready to compete and bid senasional of £ 50 million.

Beyond the financial issues, the temptation to Tevez also come from his compatriot in the Argentine national team. Milito said Tevez deserves and will succeed with the Nerazzurri.