Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spanish super cup 2011

Given the results of the previous leg, Real Madrid was well aware that they needed to score first. This makes Real Madrid started the match with attacking initiative.

Confidence with superior speed of his midfielder and striker , Jose Mourinho try to use a through ball strategy to ruin defense of Blaugrana's side. As a result, in the first 10 minutes, Real Madrid have created threats in the area of ​​the opponent's defense, though not a really dangerous one.

While concentrate on attacking, the two Real Madrid central defender give too much space for Barcelona. Passes thorugh Sami Khedira, Messi, give a perfect through ball that split the defense Los Merengues. The ball rolled to the rapids between Carvalho and Pepe, found Iniesta. With a little touch, Iniesta successfully passed Saint Iker, 1-0 to Barcelona.

Not long after the goal, a similar situation was almost to deceive the defense area Real Madrid once again. Quickly collided with Pepe, Pedro dodged a bit and get a space to shot. With his left foot, a slightly curved kick sailed through the obstacles of Casillas. Found himself a little out of position, Casillas did a pretty good saves by stretching out his hand and brushed off the ball. Real Madrid is still survived.

Being conceded make Real Madrid players getting raged. But, Barcelona remain calm and able to serve the game of Real Madrid. Pep Guardiola successful enough to break strategies applied by "The Special One". However, through a corner kick that is released by Oezil to the far post, Ronaldo's slight shot successfully tricked Valdes. This goal was a bit presumed off-side, however, it appears that Abidal looks a bit too late to rise. Whatever it is, the score remained 1-1.

The game then continues with a fast and intense. Real Madrid know they need more goal, it encourages them to look aggressive, but unfortunately seems somewhat hasty. It is proved from the number of shot doing by Real Madrid's players, but from the number of shoot on target, Barcelona are more superior.

At the end of the first half, a bait backheel form Gerrard Pique come to Messi at the edge of the penalty box, with a calm and a little luck, Messi dodged past the Real Madrid defenders and stay facing one on one with Iker Casillas. Once again, Casillas is deceived. The first half ended with the score 2-1 to the host.

The second half, Madrid is keen to change their strategy. Running the ball as quickly as possible to the striker future, through a long passes. Unfortunately, these strategies are less successful. Barcelona controlled the tempo of the game. In a superior position, with Real Madrid that the hasty, Barcelona then slowing the tempo of the game.

Sixty minutes, Barcelona tried to keep the tempo of the game. As a result, the match became a bit "boring".

Eight minutes before the game ended, Real Madrid equalized. A a scrimmage in Barcelona's defence, ​​which once again begins the corner kick, giving the opportunity Benzema to melesakan the skin round the nets Barcelona. Pertandinga become increasingly attractive. Penalty shoot-out was looming. In the meantime, David Villa was replaced by Adriano, and Fabregas, the prodigal son who had just returned also included.

The decision was proved right, at the last minute, Adriano bait to Messi settled into a goal. 3-2 to Barcelona. Beyond the technical game, the match itself was very hot and tend to be unfair. Marcello efor xample, while trying reached to the ball, the Brazilian left-back put his foot in the stomach of Messi. Marcello was awarded a yellow card for the offense, although the red card seems more feasible. Overall, nine yellow cards and one red card was harsh and the heat of valid proof of the match.

In the end, the winning are the best team. Admittedly, tonight Barcelona is a bit better than Real Madrid.