Friday, August 19, 2011

spanish la liga dan lega calcio serie a schedule delayed

The first week of the Spanish La Liga, which is scheduled to roll this weekend, seems to fail accomplished. The reason is because the players would threaten strike if their demands are related compete financially unfulfilled.

A number of steps already taken to prevent such threats materialize. However the talks are conducted on Wednesday (08/17/2011) yesterday between the parties concerned did not produce a solution.

That is why, the strike threat becomes more real. The players who joined the players association (AFE) has unanimously affirmed their determination to strikethis time.

Friday (08/19/2011) local time will be held further discussions between the relevant parties. If a solution can not be obtained, then the first week of La Ligacertainly did not take place. Had a meeting today failed to produce an agreement, then the players and the league will meet again at 20 and 22 August.

The same situation happens in Lega Calcio Serie A. Even though Serie A 2011/2012 has not yet begun, the threat of a strike back on. Earlier this month, the players association threatened not to go down to play if the league did not sign a new collective agreement.

Hopefully, soon there will be solution for the problem. So we can enjoy lovely football from those league.