Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2011

This season edition of El Clasico entered the second game. As we know, the first game of running hot and tight, as usual. Somewhat different from the first edition of El Clasico 2011-2012 is the difference in the appearance of Real Madrid's performance this time.

Compared to last season, Real Madrid are now able to play aggressive and offensive game as a counterbalance of the tiki-taka style of Barcelona. In the last season, when they are playing offensive, Real Madrid beaten heavily by Barcelona. When they are able to equilibrate Barcelona's game, Real Madrid tend to apply the strategy of negative football, as a successfully applied when Inter Milan overthrew Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final of 2010.

In the first game, in the absence of Xavi, Barcelona looked a little bewildered.The battle in midfield to be less balanced. Mesut Oezil, Angel di Maria, until Sami Khedira getting more solid and mature, Real Madrid successfully mastered the game in the first leg then.

However, instead of Barcelona's Xavi named if the absence of a reason, Barcelona can still kind of quality players like (Lionel) Messi and (David) Villa. Both players are actually capable to make Barcelona ahead before the half-time, ​​with goals of high technique, which only makes amazed and cheering supporters,while opponents shook his head and stunned disbelief. Look at Villa's goal, curving kick from the right side of the edge of penalty box of Real Madrid's defense, even Saint Iker, nicknamed the Real Madrid's number one, Iker Casillas, helpless, even he has strethced his arms as far as possible into the air, he found himself only reach the wind and found his nets vibrate. Messi's goal is also admirable. Three Real Madrid's defender ​​made powerless, while Messi himself faced and deceiving Iker Casillas.

What about the game tonight?

Xavi's presence from the beginning thought to be a breath of fresh air for Barcelona. Besides, the support of thousands of supporters at the Nou Camp Stadium also provides its own power for the Barcelona's game. One question is, whether Cesc Fabregas will be played? If the answer is yes, where will he be played? Since we know that the trio of Xavi, Iniesta and Sergio was already solid and amazing.

However, regardless of whether Fabregas will be played or not, Barcelona is expected to be able to play the game of tiki-taka which became their trademark. As long as they do not neglect the fast counter attack from their opponent, Barcelona is estimated to be a little bit superior at the game tonight.

But we have to remember that Real Madrid is also not a weak opponent. Although it was once humiliated in such a way, Jose Morinho as a great coach certainly have learned a lot from the meeting the two teams last season. first leg of super cup match could be evidence. Real Madrid could provide resistance on Barcelona with determination, without battered by tiki-taka style of Barcelona.

It is obvious that Real Madrid vs Barcelona match always presents an interesting game. Let's wait the results, the best team will win, it certainly hoped so (except the fans of each club!).